Tree of Life

Have you ever found a place in nature that just grounds you? Anytime you are there, you feel safe, calm and balanced.


This tree is that place for me. While all of nature has a soothing and healing effect on every aspect of my being, this particular tree gives me the same secure feeling that Tiffany’s gives to Holly Golightly: “Calms me down right away. The quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there.”

This tree is a large Japanese Maple, located in the Arboretum of my favorite county park. It has been a refuge for me in times of emotional distress since my teens. Even now, grown and married, living some distance from the park, I still make the journey to my tree on a regular basis. It always restores my mental and emotional equilibrium and fills my heart with feelings of peace and contentment.

Too much of our modern lives are spent indoors, breathing recirculated air, seeing by means of artificial light, eating foods created in a laboratory, completing tasks that do not fulfill us. Mankind’s greatest creations and accomplishments still fall short of the wonders of God’s creation. Regardless of our background, all humans see beauty in nature. We are awed by it. We need it to survive.

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