The Gracie Chronicles – Prologue



The alarm clock is blaring. The sky is still mostly dark. I can see pretty well in the dark. I watch Dad roll out of bed in the dark room and stumble into the bathroom. He never turns on the bedroom light in the morning, however dark it may be. He’s always very considerate of Mom. She rolls over into the warm spot in the bed that he’s just left. I see my chance, from my cozy orthopedic bed on the floor. I jump up onto their bed. She stirs. I snuggle up against her and sigh. This is the life.

After Dad’s usual morning ritual, he kisses Mom and leaves. Some mornings, she and I stay in bed for hours after this. Other mornings she gets up a short while later and begins her morning ritual. Either way, as soon as she’s changed her clothing, she calls me to the front door, clips on my leash, and we go take a walk.

Some mornings, she really enjoys the walk and talks cheerfully to me about what she’s going to do that day. Other mornings, she grumbles to me about things I usually don’t understand, like “work,” “stupid people,” “being sick.” I’m not sure why we take these walks, but they’re very convenient for me, because they afford me my necessary, um, “potty” time.

We return from our walk, and usually she spends the next half hour going back and forth between the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. I wish she could just choose a spot and stay there awhile; it gets tedious for me as I move from rug to rug in an effort to stay close to her.

Then, if it’s a Special day, she turns on the TV, gives me my breakfast and settles down to eat her breakfast. I’ll admit, I do beg. A little. But I can take a hint, and I don’t push too hard.

Sometimes, if it’s a REALLY Special day, Dad stays home too and the 3 of us spend the day together. Those days are the best days.

If it’s not a Special day, Mom changes her clothes and eventually leaves me with the radio on, a kiss on the head, food and my favorite toy. I eat, then take a series of naps in different comfy spots and sit on the couch to watch the squirrels outside the window.

Eventually, Dad or Mom get home, clip on my leash and take me outside. When Dad takes me out, we have a good brief run. Then back inside, where I get comfy or toss a toy around while they do various human things before dinner time.

I get my dinner and then snooze until Mom wakes me and takes me for another walk.

Then it’s bedtime. I stretch out on my soft bed with my quilt and wait for them to go to bed too. I sigh. This is a typical day in my life. But it wasn’t always this way for me – or for them, either.

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