You Might Be a Dog Person If…

Looking at my home and my life these days, I’ve found that a lot has changed since we adopted a retired racing Greyhound. In my opinion, these changes are all for the better. Sharing my home and my life with this exquisite creature has done wonders for my health and mental outlook. She brings me joy each and every day and has taught me to appreciate the little things in life and to live in the moment. So, in gratitude, I do many things to accommodate her that perhaps go above and beyond responsible dog ownership. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Therefore, in honor of those that “spoil” their dogs and the noble canines that inspire such devotion, I’ve compiled the following list of things we do for our dogs.


You might be a dog person if:

• There are dog biscuits in your car, your purse, and your jacket pockets – all of your jacket pockets.

• There is dog hair on everything you own.

• You rearrange the furniture to make the dog more comfortable.

• You have rugs down in areas you’d rather not have them, so the dog can walk comfortably on your hardwood floors.

• Your car windows are decorated with dog snot.

• You sometimes forgo buying something for yourself so you can buy something for the dog.

• You have more photos of your dog than of anything or anyone else.

• Snuggle time with your dog takes priority over chores.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely enforce rules and boundaries and maintain my position as leader. But considering all that my dog has given me, I think she deserves the “spoiling” she receives.

(My princess with her “cousin.”)

What do you do for your dog? I’d love to hear your stories!

4 thoughts on “You Might Be a Dog Person If…

  1. eloquentlyury says:

    So glad you are happy with your doggie. Her cousin is adorable and a little ham. I don’t have a dog but I am very animal friendly and I have 7 cats. I can’t begin to say how much they brighten my days and make me laugh. I know if I had a dog, I’d spoil it like crazy!

    • Companion animals like dogs and cats not only make us happy, they make us healthy as well. Many studies have proved that having a pet that you closely interact with and touch lowers blood pressure, boosts immunity, and relieves stress. A friend that brings all those benefits as well as unconditional love, forgiveness and laughter definitely deserves the best we can give. 🙂

  2. Dogs, cats and really any pet that makes you happy is truly special. Your body naturally reaps the benefits of that happiness. Animals are so dear, they’re nothing like people. Even the nicest humans are flawed…but animals give love. They may not be able to speak like humans do, but that means they can’t say harsh words either. Their behavior shows constant love. Give me a good pet before a rotten human ANY DAY!!!

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